Clearance Sale

for 1:48 & 1:144 Laser cut Furniture Kits.

 Quantities available are as marked on the 1:48 and 1:144  Furniture Kit pages. All 1:48 kits are now AU$3.00 each (not many left) and all 1:144 kits are now AU$2.50 each!

The kits above are ONLY available to Australia and New Zealand!

Miscellaneous other miniature items might be added on a separate page as I sort through my stash!

Watch this space!



Ownership of 'A Sheila's Shed' Furniture Patterns has been transferred to SDK Miniatures in the USA. Copyright of same in every scale now belongs to them. You can contact the owner, Susan Karatjas at:

Susan has her own large growing range of miniature furniture, flowers, accessories, and other kits, as well as finished items in 1:12 and the smaller scales.

Susan also has an Etsy Store with lots of single items and sets in all scales.


For customers in Australia and New Zealand, A Sheila's Shed 1:48 and 1:144 Laser cut Furniture Kits and Wheels are no longer available from The Doll House in Melbourne.


I restocked the laser cut wheels recently, so supply of them is OK for the moment. BUT, once these go there will be no more!


*If you have any questions please contact me and I'll help if I can.

or phone: 0428 864 501 (Australia)


More News!

'Miller Street in Miniature'

See pictures on the 'Look' page, which can be found at the top right on Pink Banner!


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Mini Happy Returns!


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